Moving Checklist

Moving to another city or state is a big change and takes careful planning in order to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you are starting a new job, career, or relocating to go to school, preparation is the key to ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Here is a checklist that may help as you get ready to move.

Two Months Before
• Decide the best moving option
• Choose a storage facility
• Pack non-essential items
• Start an inventory list
• Collect boxes/packing materials
• Give away unwanted items
• Create a plan for fragile items
• Purchase items for new home

One Month Before
• Schedule utility connection
• Switch mail subscriptions
• Change/ cancel local accounts
• Notify family and friends

One Week Before
• Clean fridge of unwanted food
• Dispose of flammable items
• Prepare a 24-hour box
• Confirm moving arrangements
• Confirm moving of pets
• Take apart small furniture items
• Arrange time off work for move
• Pack items you’ll move yourself

Day Of Move
• Review paperwork with movers
• Inspect furniture with mover
• Do a final walkthrough
• Provide a phone number to movers
• Leave contact information in old residence
• Clean new home
• Begin unpacking
• Get copies of your new keys

**If you are doing the packing be sure to have it done before the moving crew arrives. Mark each box with your name and the room where you want it placed.

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